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How to Win




-Answer all questions social security asks


-Submit all favorable medical evidence to your attorney or social security security as soon as possible


-Keep a daily journal on how your condition limits you on a daily basis


-Make sure your treating doctor(s) fill out Residual Functional Capacity forms


-Continue to get medical treatment and take your prescribed medications


-Appeal immediately




Common Mistakes:


• Incorrect Statements. Make sure you understand what the Social Security Administration is asking for. If you are confused or need help, a qualified SSDI/SSI attorney or advocate can help. He or she will be familiar with the language used by the Social Security Administration.


• Inadequate Doctor’s Statement. When you ask your doctor for a statement, make sure he or she includes what is required by the Social Security Administration. An experienced Social Security lawyer can speak with your doctor and make sure the doctor’s statement is thorough and precise. A doctor’s statement is crucial to winning social security benefits.


• Incomplete Disability Reports. One of the most important parts of your application is the Disability Report. Below is a list of information you will need to complete the Disability Report:


The name, address and telephone number of someone else who knows about your conditions

A description of your conditions, including when they began and how they keep you from working

The names and contact information for all doctors, hospitals and clinics that you have seen and the dates you saw them

The name of each medical test that you have had

The name of each prescription medicine that you take

All the types of jobs you held in the last 15 years

A description of the work you did




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